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Making video conferencing tools work for the Legal sector

No VC solutions are tailor-made for the unique demands of the legal setting – in this piece we explore the key aspects of applying these technologies successfully across all styles of hearing. 


Opus 2 partners with The Law Society of Singapore

Opus 2 partners with the Law Society of Singapore, with the aim of increasing awareness and education around the use of technology in the legal sector.

Product Update

Opus 2 April Product Update

Through 2021, we are continuing with our focus on enhancing the user experience and scalability. We are preparing to deliver our next key release (version 7.6) in the summer. Here is a closer look at some major themes we are working on.


Opus 2 sponsor London International Disputes Week 

Opus 2 is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the upcoming London International Disputes Week, which will be held virtually from 10th – 14th May 2021.


Opus 2 partners The Law Society of Singapore's Litigation Conference

Proudly presented by The Law Society of Singapore, this two-day Litigation Conference Workshop looks ahead at the imminent changes to the legal landscape in light of the Civil Justice Reforms.


Opus 2 sponsors ICC Arbitration & ADR Technical Webinar Series

Join this webinar to hear experts delve into the fundamental elements arbitration advocates must consider when undertaking their first appointments.

Press Release

Opus 2 acquires Bar Squared, the leading provider of software for barristers’ chambers

The acquisition brings together market leaders with complementary legal solutions and continues Opus 2’s drive to build a connected digital practice.


Virtual and Hybrid Hearings: The future of international arbitrations

Charlie Harrel discusses why international arbitration is outperforming litigation in keeping up with its caseload as courts confront logjams worldwide.

Press Release

Essex Court Chambers and the Singapore Academy of Law partner with Opus 2 to hold first-ever Virtual International Mooting Competition

Opus 2’s cloud-based virtual hearings platform gives young practitioners a unique opportunity to test their collaborative skills over a series of preliminary and elimination moots in a completely virtual, international legal environment.


Podcast: Balancing virtual and hybrid proceedings in 2021

Opus 2’s newly appointed CEO Martin Coen and Founder Graham Smith-Bernal joined host Ari Kaplan as guests on a recent episode of the Reinventing Professionals podcast.

Product Update

Opus 2 January product update

We are preparing to deliver our next key release (version 7.5) in the coming weeks. Here is a closer look at some major themes we are working on.


Opus 2 partner ECC-SAL International Virtual Mooting Competition Final

A review of the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) and the Essex Court Chambers (ECC) first International Virtual Mooting Competition.

Press Release

Opus 2 appoints current board member Martin Coen as CEO

Opus 2 announces current board member Martin Coen will take over as CEO as the company enters a new phase of expansion.


The ECC-SAL International Virtual Mooting Competition 2021

Opus 2 is proud to power The ECC-SAL International Virtual Mooting Competition 2021, co-organised by Essex Court Chambers, and Singapore Academy of Law.


Virtual courts and COVID-19: the future is now

Charlie Harrel of Opus 2 discusses with Thomson Reuters Practical Law the benefits and challenges of using virtual courts and whether they will become a permanent fixture after the pandemic.


Graham Smith-Bernal, Opus 2 Founder, receives Lifetime Contributor Award

We are thrilled to share news that our Founder, Graham Smith-Bernal, has won a Lifetime Contributor award for Supplier Innovation at the Legal Innovation Awards 2020.

Product Update

Opus 2 October 2020 product update

We will be launching Opus 2 version 7.4 before the end of 2020. Take a closer look at some of the main areas for development and new features.

Case Study

How the adoption of e bundles can transform the role of the arbitrator

Professional arbitration and mediator, Simon Gault on how adopting Opus 2 transformed his role as an arbitrator.


Podcast: Above The Law - Making virtual hearings work

In this podcast, Above The Law chat with Charlie Harrel, COO of Opus 2, about building platforms that make virtual hearings actually work.


Planning for your hearing in 2020 and beyond

We will soon be releasing our comprehensive guide to planning your own hybrid hearing. Read more and register to receive the guide.


The numbers behind the digital transformation

Since March 2020, Opus 2 has conducted over 250 virtual hearings with more than 6,000 real-time connections. Explore the numbers behind the digital transformation.


Planning for the future of London's Commercial Courts: a review

Our review of London's Commercial Court's event; Year 126 and onwards: planning for the future of London's Commercial Courts, powered by Opus 2.


Opus 2 & Maxwell Chambers - arbitration hearings after COVID-19

A round-up of From virtual to hybrid - navigating arbitration hearings after COVID-19' from Maxwell Chambers and Opus 2. Watch the webinar in full.


Webinar: Modernise your disputes practice: building connected teams

We were delighted to bring together this webinar with GAR in August, 'Modernise your disputes practice: Building connected teams'.


Webinar: Virtual hearings for arbitration, powered by Opus 2

In July 2020 Opus 2 were pleased to host a webinar with CIArb on the adoption of virtual hearings due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Year 126 & onwards: planning for the future of the Commercial Court

London’s Commercial Court, in collaboration with London International Disputes Week, is pleased to present, Year 126 and onwards: planning for the future of London’s Commercial Court, a virtual seminar as part of the celebration of the Court’s 125th Anniversary.


Webinar: Reflections and best practice from lockdown

In this webinar held on 24 June 2020, the panel reflected on their experiences and lessons learned from recent virtual hearings.


Practical advice for conducting legal proceedings digitally & remotely

As you investigate solutions to accommodate remote work and virtual proceedings, here are some basic considerations to keep in mind.


Guest post: Ian Gaunt on LMAA's transition to virtual hearings

Ian Gaunt, Past President, LMAA provides an introduction to the virtual hearings webinar hosted by LMAA with the IDRC and Opus 2.


Virtual hearings: Adapting to the new reality, a recap!

A recap of LMAA's webinar in collaboration with the IDRC London and Opus 2, titled 'Virtual hearings: adapting to the new reality',

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Virtual workspaces, powered by Opus 2: Keeping you connected

Reduce friction and empower your case team to organise, share and collaborate across your documents, all in one integrated platform.


Podcast: Managing global litigation, arbitration & mediation remotely

Opus 2 CEO and Founder Graham Smith-Bernal joined host Ari Kaplan as a guest on the latest episode of the Reinventing Professionals podcast.


To deliver new value firms need to move beyond the application mindset

As businesses adjust to the “new normal”, law firms have an opportunity to create technology-enhanced services for clients, extending beyond legal advice.

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Top 5 virtual hearing tips for barristers, from barristers 

A collated list of top tips from barristers on how to run seamless virtual hearings.

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5 key considerations for planning a virtual hearing

The legal world is turning to technology to adapt to the current remote working climate. Here we outline how to prepare for a virtual court hearing.

News Lawyers ask 'How can we do this,' driving Dorsey tech embrace

Dorsey & Whitney is turning to vendor Opus 2 for work that goes beyond disputes, where legal technology established its first beachhead.


Singapore's judiciary focused on legal tech, will the industry follow?

Legal tech companies that have opened offices in Singapore say the market is ripe for innovation, but local firms will not change overnight.