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Planning for your hearing in 2020 and beyond

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For more than a decade, Opus 2 has been empowering lawyers to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients by modernising and enhancing their disputes practices in the digital age. Events thus far in 2020 have brought these innovations into even sharper focus, with the adoption of specialised, cloud-based technologies for dispute resolution more prevalent than ever before.

In a time where most of the world’s office-based workforce has been shifted to working remotely, industries across all sectors have had to be versatile and adapt to new innovations. Many areas of the legal sector were moving in this direction already, as the increased adoption of Opus 2’s solutions over the past decade will attest; Covid-19 has simply accelerated the adoption of technology in litigation and international arbitration. As we journey on the road to recovery from the impact of the global pandemic, legal teams now have access to various technology enhanced modes of conducting hearings – in-person, virtual or hybrid.

Every dispute is unique, and we understand the need for flexibility, which is why it is built into the heart of all the solutions that we offer. Hybrid hearings are especially sophisticated as they employ a combination of on-site, remote and virtual attendance, so all elements must be considered.

One of the main features of managing hearings in the future will be careful planning, preparation and delivery. Issues and errors can be expensive and damaging to the parties or the dispute as a whole.

As proceedings continue to face uncertainty in the near term, new modes of conducting hearings create opportunities for increased efficiency and access in the long term. Most importantly, the innovations and evolution have enabled better contingency planning where hearings may be disrupted by external socio-political issues or natural disasters.

However, where there are challenges, we know there are opportunities,  and we will soon be providing a comprehensive guide to planning your hearing. You can register to receive the guide when it launches via the form below.

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