Article 11 Sep 2020 3 min read

The numbers behind the digital transformation

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Since March 2020, Opus 2 has conducted over 335 virtual hearings with more than 11,000 Realtime connections. Whilst facilitating these hearings at locations around the world, our platform has hosted over 100,000 documents enabling legal teams to manage key evidence, facts and work product, and securely share and collaborate with colleagues and clients.

Opus 2 Graph Virtual hearings March–Sep - 800x1030px_v1Not only does this digital transformation provide benefits in terms of versatility and expediency when it comes the sharing of documentation via electronic bundles, but the environmental benefits can be significant over a sustained period. This is a topic addressed in further detail in a whitepaper report available for download via The Lawyer.

The upturn looks set to continue in the wake of COVID-19, which has significantly accelerated the adoption of these technologies. According the Global Legal Post, Law Society president Simon Davis, has suggested the way the judiciary has adapted in recent months showed, "the profession can confidently represent their clients in complex business disputes remotely."

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Extensive independent research has already been carried out to establish this technology’s reception amongst the legal community. Once such piece has come from Richard Susskind, who has helped to set up Remote Courts Worldwide which is monitoring the manner in which courts are implementing technology since the outbreak of COVID-19. In his recent paper, The Future of Courts, Mr Susskind suggests that, “in light of the experience during the crisis, there is certainly greater acceptance now than in February 2020 – amongst lawyers, judges, officials, and court users – that judicial and court work might be undertaken very differently in years to come.”

This statement, along with the statistics above, indicate that our way of working at Opus 2 is only going to become more widespread. We are here to help all our clients make this transformation as easy and smooth as possible.