Article 20 Feb 2020 3 min read

Maxwell Chambers bring virtual ADR solutions to Singapore with Opus 2

Arunn Ramadoss Arunn Ramadoss
Opus 2 and Maxwell Chambers

We are delighted to announce our recent collaboration with Maxwell Chambers to provide virtual ADR solutions to help legal teams minimise any disruptions to their case proceedings.

Through this collaboration, parties and tribunals can overcome any travel restrictions and continue to achieve planned timelines through the combination of best-in-class hearing facilities from Maxwell Chambers and our award-winning, integrated case preparation and electronic hearing solution.

Our intuitive annotation and collaboration capabilities increase productivity, reduce manual administrative overheads and removes the need for team members to be co-located. Legal teams can continue conducting their case preparation and analysis fully online, accessing documents simultaneously, from anywhere in the world.

The Opus 2 platform
Realtime Transcription delivered on Opus 2 with full collaboration capabilities and hyperlined key documents from the electronic bundle

At the hearing, a fully hyperlinked electronic bundle is managed centrally and accessible to the legal teams and arbitrators. Each party’s internal work product including notes, tags and private documents remain restricted and private to members of that case team. During the hearing, all the evidence is presented electronically, and Realtime transcription provides a live transcript of the proceedings that can be followed by anyone present in the hearing room as well as located remotely.

Singapore-based parties will be able to book a hearing room at Maxwell Chambers and conveniently conduct hearings with overseas parties through Maxwell Chamber’s conferencing facilities. Opus 2 integrates seamlessly with Maxwell Chamber’s virtual ADR facilities to provide a seamless experience for all parties based in the venue as well as around the world.

video conf v2
Virtual Conferencing facility provided by Maxwell Chambers, fully integrated with Opus 2

Read the full announcement from Maxwell Chambers.

If you’d like further information or to speak to our team learn more about Opus 2 virtual hearings.