Article 3 Sep 2020 2 min read

Making tax digital simple for barristers

Damien Breingan Damien Breingan
Making tax digital simple for barristers | Opus 2 Lex

Opus 2 LEX has integrated with Xero to automatically insert barrister specific payment data, at the point of receipt, directly into a barrister’s own version of Xero. One-time validation, no exporting, no importing, no stress.

Many Opus 2 LEX client chambers, barristers, and their accountants have already moved to Xero from other accounting products, like Sage and QuickBooks. Many more are following their lead. These facts combined with Xero’s accessibility made Xero the obvious choice for our advanced MTD solution.

The Opus 2 LEX/Xero integration

The integration uses Xero’s API to create a secure, private connection between Opus 2 LEX and barristers' version of Xero once authorised by the barrister.

  • Gives access to Xero – controlled by each barrister. There is no visibility from Opus 2 LEX.
  • Maintains your VAT accounts digitally to comply with HMRC regulations.
  • Updates transactions in Opus 2 LEX to indicate that they have been synchronised with Xero.
  • Identifies VAT rounding discrepancies and resolves them automatically.
  • Uploads data automatically.
Xero is an MTD for VAT compliant application

Once configured, the feature works automatically and requires no additional action from those processing the payments in Opus 2 LEX. The fact that the payment data is inserted into the barrister’s own Xero account, removes the requirement to export/import data from Opus 2 LEX manually into Xero, which reduces the work required to make an MTD submission through HMRCs portal.

Opus 2 LEX is now working on a ‘Chambers’ link, dealing with commission/rent calculations and the insertion of draft invoices into Xero for recharging/billing.