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Legalweek 2020 round-up

Liza Pestillos-Ocat Liza Pestillos-Ocat
Legalweek 2020 round-up

February brought thousands of legal professionals together in New York to network with peers, explore new developments in legal technology and discuss the latest industry trends at Legalweek 2020.

Throughout the week, the Opus 2 team, represented by CEO Graham Smith-Bernal, Senior Vice President of US Operations Liza Pestillos-Ocat, Chief Strategy Officer Steve Fleming, Chief Product Officer Raymond Bentinck, Senior Client Relationship Manager Hilary Goldman and Senior Solutions Expert Chris Finley hosted existing and prospective clients to review our platform’s core competencies. We unveiled new features and future developments and demonstrated how we are continuing to innovate and push the industry forward through our collaboration technology.

Through targeted presentations and a showcase of use cases, our team illustrated how the Opus 2 platform has successfully driven change in the litigation practice. From our award-winning transcript management and case analysis tool to how we are expanding our capabilities to support other practice areas, including transactions and investigations, contract review and lifecycle management, and respond to other needs of the firm and their clients.

What became clear through our many conversations with legal practitioners over the week was that there is a growing demand for cutting-edge technologies that enable firms to expand their service offering and provide more value to their clients. Moreover, these solutions need to be customizable, deliver results quickly while also improving efficiency, responsiveness, and visibility. Firms are no longer relying on a single provider to meet all their technology needs, but instead, are turning to more best-of-breed technologies. A simple, agile framework that can integrate with their existing technology investments and bring immediate value is now essential.

Another highlight was the Opus 2 Legalweek dinner, which brought together our colleagues and valued clients for a fantastic evening of networking and knowledge-sharing over a fine Italian meal.

As always, Legalweek proved to be a valuable and insightful experience and a great opportunity to share the Opus 2 vision with a wider audience. Our biggest takeaway from Legalweek was that the legal market is ready to embrace a more modern approach to doing business through technology. We’re excited to be a part of this new era. We are already looking forward to Legalweek 2021!

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