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Introducing the Opus 2 Technology HQ

Charlie Harrel Charlie Harrel
Introducing the Opus 2 Technology HQ Edinburgh

Edinburgh has always been home to our core technology team. It’s where our award-winning solutions are built by a team of researchers, developers, designers, and Quality Assurance experts.

In February 2020 we invested in a brand-new home for the Opus 2 Technology HQ. Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, it offers an inspiring environment to nurture ideas and support our team to build and enhance our products and technology.

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Designed to inspire

The design and layout of the office has been thoughtfully considered, ensuring our team can thrive in their surroundings and maximise productivity and creativity. It offers open-plan desk areas, break-out and social spaces, as well as places to meet, collaborate and focus. It will also host future Opus 2 and industry events such as breakfast sessions, networking evenings and round table discussions.

The bright, modern office is fitted with wall-mounted touchscreen controls and an AV hub to control all screens and games consoles. VR and AR kit will soon be introduced so the team can take a break from day-to-day tasks and experiment with alternative interfaces


One of the project goals was to consider our future environmental impact. We have invested in a bean-to-cup coffee machine eliminating the need for recycling collections. Low-energy hand dryers have been installed to reduce paper waste and we’re also using motion-sensor lighting. We’re continually looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact and are currently exploring green energy suppliers.


We’re excited about what future tech-innovations will be developed at the new Opus 2 Technology HQ and how it will continue to support the wider growth for us and our clients.

If you’re interested in joining the innovative team in Edinburgh, take a look at our current opportunities.



Find us

You can find the Opus 2 Technology HQ at: 

2nd Floor Wemyss House
6‑8 Wemyss Place