Event 25 Oct 2021 2 min read

Innovating lawyer intelligence in the litigation practice

Erin Vickers Erin Vickers
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a popular topic in the practice of litigation, and it’s no surprise why. AI-powered ediscovery tools help legal teams sift through and categorize massive amounts of data from different sources quickly, flagging the most appropriate sources and documents. But at some point, you can’t rely on AI’s intelligence – you need lawyer intelligence (LI).

What do we mean by LI? And what processes and tools can help litigation teams become more efficient at LI?

On November 4, join Opus 2’s Don Fuchs and Kim Bookout for an educational webinar, “After AI: How to innovate lawyer intelligence,” discussing the intersection between AI and LI, including:

  • Benefits and limitations of AI vs LI
  • Consequences of not investing in LI tech
  • How to support LI

We’ll also show you how leveraging fit-for-purpose case preparation technology helps modern litigation teams reduce potential risks due to costly errors and create more value for their clients.

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