News 1 Sep 2023 1 min read

ILTACON: Bringing it all together

Rachel Bailey Rachel Bailey

If you braved the heat and humidity to join us in Orlando last week, then you probably saw the packed AI sessions and heard the buzz surrounding new releases, mergers, and acquisitions. At Opus 2, we enjoyed a chance to display the power of our new platform, which enabled us to build Opus 2 Transaction Management.

Opus 2 launched our transaction management solution

While we launched Opus 2 Transaction Management a few weeks before ILTA, this was our first opportunity to demo the new software in-person to a significant number of organizations. The new solution brings together tools across all aspects of the M&A deal process and thus streamlines the deal workflow.

Firms have seen the benefits of bringing tools together in the litigation practice area for some time. Now, those same principles are being applied to M&A transactions. We received some great feedback and discussed prospects for further development. Learn more about Opus 2 Transaction Management.

Learning sessions and panels

We hosted four learning sessions, and our clients were featured on several ILTA panels. Our own Kim Bookout was even featured on a panel called Use It or Lose It! It was great to bring together folks from different backgrounds to discuss user adoption, modern workflows, our roadmap, and how Opus 2 can help with client engagement.

We discussed our plans for integrating AI into the Opus 2 platform and the philosophy behind those types of decisions. Clients came to us with big picture questions and small feature requests, which is one of the biggest benefits of ILTA – exciting in-person conversations.

If you missed out on ILTA this year, we hope to see you at our next in-person event: Relativity Fest!