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Opus 2 6.2 streamlines workflows for lawyers & law firm IT

Opus 2 Opus 2
Opus 2 6.2 further streamlines workflows for lawyers


Opus 2 International, a global litigation services and software development company, today released the latest version of its award-winning transcript management and case analysis software, Opus 2 Magnum™. Now available to all Opus 2 Magnum enterprise clients, Magnum 6.2 represents another leap forward in Opus 2’s mission to streamline workflows and create new efficiencies for legal teams, legal support professionals and law firm IT professionals. The new feature set reflects Opus 2’s ongoing practice of seeking and implementing client feedback to guide its product roadmap, resulting in solutions that legal professionals actually want and will use every day.

Improvements to Opus 2 Magnum in this new version include:

Smart exhibit stickers that streamline the application of custom digital stamps to documents with drag-and-drop repositioning, dramatically reducing the costs, delays and reprocessing associated with the manual application of stickers and pre-marking exhibits. Instead of extracting documents to be stickered by hand or with third-party software and then re-imported, users of Magnum 6.2 can administer and modify their own custom document stamps right in the online workspace. Contact to access a recorded tour of Smart, Drag-and-Drop Exhibit Stickers.

Improved video handling to help law firms maximize the return on their investments in deposition video. Opus 2 Magnum’s Video Uploader now simplifies queueing of multiple video files for import and minimizes the impact on system resources while large video files are loaded.  As always, Opus 2 Magnum automatically creates video clips of transcript designations (when synced video is present) and makes them available for export. Magnum 6.2 supports multiple export and compression types (MPEG and MP4) for optimal compatibility with downstream tools.

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