Eversheds Sutherland launches CaseReady platform for litigators

Eversheds Sutherland launches CaseReady platform for litigators


First international enterprise license of Opus 2’s flagship platform

Eversheds Sutherland has launched CaseReady, a secure cloud-based platform that enables lawyers, clients and counsel to share case materials and work collaboratively on matters from instruction through to trial or settlement.

Clients will benefit from CaseReady’s range of litigation features including e-bundling, evidence annotation and paperless trial presentation. It is an efficient cloud-based solution that removes the need for paper-bundles, reducing costs and security risks.

Lawyers and clients can collaborate digitally in real time when reviewing case documents on the platform’s accessible interface. The global legal practice partnered with Opus 2 International, a leading cloud-based litigation and arbitration software business, to launch an enterprise licence of Opus 2’s Magnum software, under the name CaseReady. It is the first time an international licence of Magnum has been granted and will be fully supported by Eversheds Sutherland’s Litigation Technology Team.

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