Article 7 Oct 2022 1 min read

Enhancements in transcript management technology

Opus 2 Opus 2

People want to be able to easily open new software and start working. This is not unique to legal practitioners, but feels particularly important when time is ticking on an important lawsuit. The most useful software translates processes that legal teams have done manually for years and makes those processes quicker, easier, and more efficient. 

Technological enhancements can relieve last-minute headaches during trial prep and allow practitioners to do what they do best — think strategically about issues — not spend time manually formatting or annotating documents.

Simply, a deposition designation is an identification, by page and line number, of any testimony that a party intends to introduce at trial. What seems straightforward can easily become complicated when legal teams use different formats, do not communicate technological needs, or keep information in different silos.

These are just some of the challenges of managing case strategy as it relates to deposition transcripts based on our experience at Opus 2. Here are some best practices for using technology that will help keep things running efficiently.

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