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Replacing a legacy case management: Goulston & Storrs

Opus 2 Opus 2
Replacing a legacy case management: Goulston & Storrs
Client success story Goulston & Storrs
When Goulston & Storrs needed to replace its legacy case management solution, the firm searched for a solution that aligned with its initiative to move all of its systems to the cloud.

Watch the video featuring Jeff Hamilton, Application Solutions Manager at Goulston & Storrs, as he shares why the firm replaced a legacy case management system with Opus 2 Case Management.

What challenges did your firm face before using Opus 2?

One of the challenges we had while we were evaluating case management solutions was a big initiative we have been focused on to move everything to the cloud. Our original system was old, we were evaluating these contracts and we thought Opus 2 really checked off the boxes we had for SaaS solution, good function and features set for our users and that’s ultimately why we chose that.

What pro tip do you have for selecting a case management solution?

The pro tip I would have for anyone that’s evaluating case management systems and solutions would be to have these conversations with your practice group. Sit down with your litigators, sit down with your practice group co-chairs, the leader of that group or leaders of that group and ask the questions. ‘What are your current pain points?’ I know sometimes there’s a tendency to let the attorneys be. They’ve got billable hours and goals that they’re trying to do but ask them those questions. Where are you spending a lot of your time? What frustrates you the most? And find that solution that fits those needs.

What tip do you have for firms just starting to implement Opus 2?

To a firm that’s starting with Opus 2 and implementing the solution and trying to drive adoption, I would suggest to meet your users, spend a little time face-to-face. Try to get some excitement before you go live with the solution. One of the things we did that I think is really going to help us with everything on adoption is operating a proof-of-concept for a period of time. Getting a percentage of your practice group already using it with some active cases really spreads the message, really gets that excitement going and will help with your adoption.