Opus 2 moves into NLP-driven contract analysis & more

Opus 2 moves into NLP-driven contract analysis & more

You may have already heard of the Opus 2 platform, probably in relation to litigation work. What you may not have heard – and Artificial Lawyer hadn’t until now – is that they’ve steadily been making an evolutionary move into a far wider range of capabilities, including NLP-driven contract analysis.

Another direct competitor for the likes of Kira Systems and Luminance, you ask? No, says the company.

Their view is that, first: what they do is complementary – not in competition with the main legal AI doc review companies; and secondly: the platform is simply offering a lot more services around managing, classifying and extracting legal data, which is a logical growth for a multi-purpose platform that has its roots in handling things like case bundles in litigation.

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