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Opus 2 moves into NLP-driven contract analysis & more

Opus 2 Opus 2
Opus 2 moves into NLP-driven contract analysis & more

You may have already heard of the Opus 2 platform, probably in relation to litigation work. What you may not have heard – and Artificial Lawyer hadn’t until now – is that they’ve steadily been making an evolutionary move into a far wider range of capabilities, including NLP-driven contract analysis.

Another direct competitor for the likes of Kira Systems and Luminance, you ask? No, says the company.

Their view is that, first: what they do is complementary – not in competition with the main legal AI doc review companies; and secondly: the platform is simply offering a lot more services around managing, classifying and extracting legal data, which is a logical growth for a multi-purpose platform that has its roots in handling things like case bundles in litigation.

It’s a fascinating journey from what over a decade ago was a narrow solution, to then a broad platform for disputes work, and now with an evolutionary growth into the wider world of contract analysis, and more.

Artificial Lawyer caught up with Graham Smith-Bernal, Founder and CEO of the company, and asked him some questions about this evolutionary move, in particular to better understand where Opus 2 is heading now.

Initially it looked as if the company was just focused on litigation issues, is that right?

Opus 2’s technology has been used by lawyers for many years. We act as a neutral third-party provider to help manage and deliver hearing bundles electronically, in addition to court reporting services.

Our internal teams use the same technology as our clients, which has helped us learn the nuances of the lawyers’ workflows and requirements.

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